Avery Estate Agents’ Piano Solo Award

Lowri Medlock

2015 – Awarded to Lowri Medlock

Every lesson brings new challenges…

I have been playing piano and keyboard, at Music Makers, with Di, for over 10 years now. I enjoy going to weekly lessons where I have grown as a pianist. I believe that piano is great for those of all ages and it is there as a ‘go to’ when ever your feeling low.

I enjoy my lessons with Di as she always pushes you to improve yourself. I feel that at my current time in life I have never played better nor enjoyed my lessons more. Every lesson brings new challenges and fun quizzes, even when Di mixes up her spades and clubs!!!

If you want to try an instrument, I thoroughly recommend the piano as it is so versatile and caters for all different genres of music. Overall, thank you for this award, I am very grateful to have received it.”

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