Guitar Award 1

Seb Wood

2015 – Awarded to Seb Wood

The best move I have ever made…

Hi, I am Seb aged 14. I started to play classical guitar when I was 7 and got to grade 4 ABRSM. My tutor had to move to Cumbria for family reasons. I could not find a classic tutor to take me at grade 5 and higher so I then discovered the Music Makers Academy.

I started RGT rock guitar grades and got to grade 4. I then switched to RGT electric guitar and am currently at grade 4. I am also having acoustic guitar lessons and singing lessons.

Moving to the Music Makers Academy is the best move I have ever made. The quality of tuition is fantastic and the tutors are really friendly and helpful. I have Matt and Adam for my guitar lessons and Dinah for singing. I could not ask for better.

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