Joshua Brown Musicianship Award

2015 – Awarded to Joe Frost

I’m extremely glad I decided to start playing the drums…

My name is Joe, I’m 14 and I play Drums at Music Makers. I have been playing the drums for two and a half years. I have had lots of fun and I would recommend learning an instrument to anyone. Drumming has become an important hobby for me and I am determined to improve and practice to become the best I can possibly be. My drumming has also helped me socially as I currently enjoy playing with a band, Paradox. Music has been a massive confidence boost for me and has overall made me a happier and more confident person.

Originally I started learning the drums at secondary school. Learning an instrument was a new and exciting experience for me, I didn’t really know what to expect, but I can tell you now I’m extremely glad I decided to start playing the drums and I would recommend it to anyone considering starting an instrument.

I started Music Makers in 2012. It’s great because in 2012 I had never performed in front anyone other than my parents and grandparents. When I joined Music Makers I was told I could play in the concert at the Blakehay, this was the first of many more concerts to come. I was extremely nervous but the nice atmosphere of the Blakehay and the fact that I knew everyone in the room wanted me to do well kept me calm. Currently I am involved in concerts all of the time in school and recently I have won 2 awards which I am extremely grateful for. Thank you to Music Makers for the Joshua Brown Cup and to Worle School and the Charlie Derrick Foundation for my Charlie Derrick Bursary.

I am now working on my grade 4/5 With David Spivack who I only started with a few months ago, but I already know that he is a great teacher who has helped me improve my technique which then makes it so much easier to learn songs and pick up new ideas on my own in the practice room at home.

All in all I’ve had so much fun playing drums and I’m looking forward to learning with David in the future and becoming a better drummer.

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