James Sadiq

James Sadiq

Guitar and Piano.

James has been playing piano since he was 10-years-old and began further studies with Dinah with a view to progress further with his musical knowledge. He is working towards further piano qualifications.

James Sadiq - Guitar and Piano

During his secondary education James received guitar lessons and joined a school band. This involved doing school shows and Christmas gigs. He received grade 5 performance certificate for guitar in his final year of school having studied using the examination board Rockschool. He is continuing his guitar studies with the senior guitar tutor Matt Westcott and I will be looking to take further examinations with the RGT (Registry of Guitar Tutors).

During school James took music as a GCSE and received a B grade. The subject required composition and several solo performances, James achieved A*s in many of these requirements.

He has loved music since an early age and is now pursuing a career in music. Since leaving school he has worked in retail using his free time to work at his music. James will be teaching at Music Makers as a junior school tutor.

James Sadiq

James Sadiq – Guitar and Piano Teacher

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