Sam Garrard

Sam Garrard - Banjo and Guitar Teacher

Banjo and Guitar.

Sam brought up in a musical family and has been playing guitar from a very young age. Sam’s father, a professional blues, country guitarist and banjo player, has shared the stage with many great names including Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, BB King and Kate Bush. He learnt the guitar at home and studied drums at school under Kasabian’s drummer, Ian Matthews.

Sam Garrard - Banjo and Guitar

Sam has been performing as a solo artist since he was sixteen and teaching from age eighteen. He has played in many bands including Blues/Rock band The Bombardiers, Funk/Reggae band Cazal and Pop/Blues band Rosie G and The Jelly Rebels.

He has frequently joined renowned Folk artist Jim Reynolds on lead guitar and banjo, recorded with UK festival favourite The Undercover Hippy and more recently started Vadni Ratsa, a group playing traditional Eastern-European folk songs.

In 2014 Sam joined eight-piece gypsy-folk band, Ushti Baba, who play trans-European jungle and folk music using acoustic instruments and a beatboxer. In 2015 they played thirty-four festival gigs as well as a French tour and being on German TV.

Sam has experience in Blues, Jazz, Rock, Bluegrass, Country, Folk, Flamenco, Eastern-European, Reggae and Funk styles and enjoys teaching a mixture of technique, theory and applied practise.

Sam Garrard - Banjo and Guitar Teacher

Sam Garrard – Guitar and Banjo Teacher