Carousel Concert 2021

Carousel Concert 2021

Carousel Concert 2021

Come and have some fun.

Please send us a photograph of you enjoying your practice time or your lesson on-line. Funny ones are to be included in this gallery project! Pets can be included 😊
Please send your musical photos in JPEG format to or WHATSAPP 07989247398
Maximum of 2 photos please.

Please let your tutor know immediately if you would like to take part as a solo performer or to take part in a group performance or whether you would just like to enter the gallery. The gallery is open to students who are not attending lessons on line at the moment.

Many thanks and we look forward to seeing you!

Louise Gass Musician & Tutor

Here is a lovely arrangement of Amazing Grace played by Louise Gass with her friend Joshua Brown on piano.

They managed to do this arrangement for 2 flutes and piano socially distanced.

Louise is available for flute lessons at the Music Makers Academy in Worle, Weston-super-Mare. At present lessons are on-line only.

Zoom Music Lessons

Zoom music lessons are now available at the Music Makers Academy in Weston-super-Mare.

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