David Spivack

Drums and Guitar.

David has been playing the guitar since 1994, bass since 2000, drums since 2005 and piano dedicatedly since 2010. Formally studying the violin for 9 years and the trombone for 5 years while at school, he has worked constantly as a composer, arranger and performer for various groups and ensembles since leaving school in 2005. He has also been working as a freelance session musician and singer-songwriter since then, is in the process of releasing a studio album of his own material and has given instrumental tuition since 2012.

David Spivack - Drums

Since coming to Bristol in January 2015, David has been performing on drums with several bands including the Midnight Zoo and Crinkle Cuts, and playing saxophone, keyboards and bass guitar for various other projects in and around Bristol and his hometown, Cambridge. As well as this, he performs with London-based singer Kimberley Newell as a guitarist/multi-instrumentalist/harmony vocalist.

David has extensive experience in many styles of music, specialising in Blues, Reggae, Funk, Jazz, Rock and Soul among others, but is willing to tailor his tuition to the aspirations and aptitude of each student, from classical repertoire to developing improvisational skills. He will teach to the London College of Music examination syllabus or less formally if desired, and likes to teach music as a vehicle for emotional expression and creativity.

David Spivack – Drum Teacher