Matt Wescott

Matt Wescott

Matt Wescott

Acoustic Guitar and Ukulele.

Matt Wescott (DipLCM) is the senior guitar tutor at the academy and has been with us for over a decade now.

Image of Matt Wescott - Acoustic Guitar

His teaching diploma backs up his expertise in teaching acoustic guitar which was also developed over years of being a solo artist, frontman and an award-winning songwriter (Director’s Award from Paramount Songs).

During his time as a constantly active gigging musician Matt shared stages with many household names at some of the most prestigious venues and festivals in the UK.

As a tutor Matt has helped numerous students achieve fantastic exam results and perform songs and pieces that have stretched their abilities.

Matt’s lifelong love of music and learning has seen him achieve GCSE and A Level Music as well as further qualifications in Music Technology and Pop Music Theory and the aforementioned Songwriter’s Award and Teaching Diploma.

He has retained a large percentage of his students with online lessons through lockdown and has engaged lots of his students in exams at this time with outstanding results from Step 2 through to Grade 7. Matt is also a very capable electric / rock guitar and ukulele tutor.

Matt Wescott

Outside of music Matt’s main interest is football. He is an FA qualified youth coach, the welfare officer of his local grassroots club and regularly attends England games with his children.

Matt is dedicated to furthering his own musical education and constantly looking to improve as a musician and tutor.

Matt Wescott

Matt Wescott – Guitar Teacher