Piers Tamplin

Piers Tamplin

Saxophone and Clarinet.

Piers studied Saxophone at Wells Cathedral School of Music and Music Technology at City of Bristol College. Since then Piers has been gigging, writing and recording with various bands playing many different styles. Anything from Jazz, Latin and Gypsy Swing to Funk, Reggae, Soul and modern electronic music. He also works as a freelance session musician.

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Piers plays in various local bands including The Inexplicables and First Degree Burns.

He is skilled in instrument repair having completed a saxophone repair course. He is continuing to study instrument repair and the art of reed making.

His experience includes work as a volunteer teacher in the Ballanta Music Academy, Freetown, Sierra Leone. For the past two years he has taught privately in Bristol. His students are aged anywhere from 6 years to 60 years-of-age.

Piers is an encouraging, enthusiastic teacher, who is able to develop each student’s individual musicianship by guiding them towards their personal goals and beyond. He feels this is the best way to allow a creative mind to flourish.

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Piers Tamplin – Saxophone Teacher